Who We Are Homes for Good is Lane County’s housing agency and our primary work is to help low-income residents with the logistics of affordable housing. At a higher level, we are neighbors united to get every Lane County resident who needs help, into a home.

A note about names: We have served the community since 1949, although we have done our work under several names. Most recently we were known as the Housing and Community Services Agency of Lane County, or HACSA. We adopted our new name in 2018. Homes for Good represents our intention for our work, and our belief that stable, safe and affordable housing is central to a good life.

  • Affordable housing advocates
    Affordable housing advocates

    We work to raise awareness about the need for – and lack of – affordable housing here in Lane County and more broadly. There is no question that the need for affordable housing will only grow as our population increases and high demand for housing pushes rents and prices up. We believe every person should have a home and that we must proactively and aggressively work toward that goal for the good of our community, state and nation.

  • Housing specialists
    Housing specialists

    Low-income Lane County residents who need affordable housing should consider Homes for Good their first stop on the path to finding housing that’s within reach. Our team can help identify options that include public housing placements or vouchers that can help pay the rent of a private rental. If we aren’t able to help, we are closely connected with many other local resources who might have other solutions.

  • Resources for residents
    Resources for residents

    We don’t stop when we hand over a key or a voucher. We offer financial counseling resources, weatherization services that can reduce utility bills, maintenance support and other services for our residents.

  • Property managers and developers
    Property managers and developers

    At any given moment, we are working on a number of developments in various stages of planning. Over time, we have developed more than 1600 units of affordable housing. We are also always engaged in the restoration and preservation of existing homes.

  • Members of the community
    Members of the community

    Our staff of approximately 100 people is part of the Lane County community. You’ll see us at play, at the grocery store, at our children’s school events and volunteering in many capacities. We are neighbors, family and friends, and we are devoted to this community.